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The World in a Tea (or Coffee) Cup! B2

Kurskategorie: Sprachen - Englisch

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Kursnummer: 5080
Volkshochschule: VHS Baden


Kay Greve


Fluent English conversation is our goal! In this small group everyone has time to talk and the chance to perfect their conversation skills. Pronunciation and grammar will be improved and we will practice different subjects and topics to help extend vocabulary. At the same time we look at the positive side of life and concentrate on humorous and meaningful texts with a positive learning effect. Learning materials will be supplied (copy costs!) 6 - 8 TN
Voranmeldung unbedingt erforderlich, da die TeilnehmerInnenzahl pro Gruppe begrenzt ist.
Im Februar: Café Ullmann, ab März: Café Doblhoffpark

Termine & Organisation

Kursbeginn 17.02.2020, voraussichtliches Kursende 04.05.2020

ab17.02.2020, Mo, 11:15 - 12:30 Uhr, 10x


130,00 Euro


Café Doblhoffpark
Pelzgasse 1
2500 Baden